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Hanging and using at will, no need to climb during construction period - A forward-looking solution for 3S wind turbine tower climbing
6/1/2023 9:05:17 PM
On May 24th, the "Innovation Exchange Seminar on Offshore Wind Power Operation Management and Industrial Development" was held. Wang Bao, Director of 3S China International Joint Sales, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech titled "Exploration of Offshore Application Trends and Innovations in High Load Gear and Rack Elevators", sharing the innovative tower climbing solutions proposed by 3S China International Joint in response to the trend of wind turbine enlargement.
The Application Dilemma of Traditional Elevator Market
Under the trend of large-scale wind turbines, ultra-high tower towers, and diversified tower types, the limitations of traditional elevator tower climbing operations are becoming increasingly prominent:
Firstly, traditional equipment is prone to wire rope entanglement and poor retrieval of accompanying cables.
Secondly, traditional equipment cannot be used during lifting.
Thirdly, traditional equipment cannot meet special tower type applications, such as truss towers and double head towers.
Fourthly, traditional equipment has insufficient carrying capacity and low efficiency.
Hercules High Load Gear Rack Elevator
Optimal solution for tower climbing of large wind turbines
Faced with industry difficulties, 3S China International jointly launched the Hercules Hercules heavy-duty gear rack elevator, which can not only be used directly during the lifting period, eliminating traditional elevator safety concerns, but also meeting the trend of diversified tower types in the industry. Its innovative technology redefines a new era of safe and efficient wind power high-altitude operations, and is currently a more forward-looking preferred solution for large wind turbines climbing towers.
Click on the video to learn about the lifting and lowering of Hercules heavy-duty gear rack
Adhering to the product concept of "safety, simplicity, and professionalism", Hercules' heavy-duty gear and rack elevator has undergone product innovation from multiple dimensions such as safety and efficiency.
Security upgrade to eliminate hidden concerns“
Rack structure replaces wire rope structure
Hercules precisely controls the lift of the car through the tight meshing of gears and racks, achieving stable and controllable continuous lifting, solving the problems of wire rope entanglement, rope jamming, and wire breakage that traditional lifting equipment may encounter in high tower situations.
Sliding contact line power supply replaces accompanying cable power supply
Hercules supports a sliding contact power supply system without cable retraction and retraction, solving the problems of traditional lifting equipment such as large accumulation of steel wire ropes and poor cable retraction.
Dual engine protection, security upgrade
Hercules has a built-in dual drive lifting system, which allows the other one to operate at low load in case of a malfunction, achieving safe descent.
Upgrade efficiency, reduce costs and increase efficiency
Manned lifting during lifting period
Traditional elevators can only be installed after the tower is completed, with a long waiting period. Heracles can be powered on for operation after the first tower is lifted, reducing safety hazards for manual climbing and improving efficiency under construction.
Speed up to 36m/min
Compared to the traditional wire rope lifting equipment with a lifting speed of 9/18 (m/min), the Hercules lifting speed can reach 36m/min, which is twice that of traditional wire rope elevators, greatly saving personnel waiting time.
The load can reach 480kg, and 4 people can climb the tower simultaneously
Taking traditional fan operation and maintenance for 3-4 people as an example, Hercules has a large space and large load design, which significantly improves the transportation capacity.
As a leading provider of high-altitude safety work equipment and service solutions in China, 3S China International has been deeply involved in the field of wind power high-altitude safety work for nearly 20 years, providing customers with end-to-end, one-stop solutions from "high-altitude work products - safety protection products - high-altitude work services". At the same time, it can provide customized services based on customer personalized scenarios. Currently, the cumulative number of cases has exceeded 3000.
Under the trend of wind turbine "giant" entering the sky and sea, the Hercules heavy-duty toothed wheel and rack elevator jointly launched by 3S China International has achieved stable operation in multiple wind farms in China. The emergence of Hercules not only effectively fills the industry gap of no climbing equipment available during the lifting period, but also is the optimal solution leading tower climbing operations in the era of large wind turbines, and will become the best choice for wind power tower climbing operations.
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