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Hefei Gongjie Office Building Project
4/23/2023 2:48:23 PM
Project time: 2020
Project location: Hefei, Anhui
Installed capacity: 140kW

Installed area: 1400 m ²

▪ National two-star green building
Design features:
Colorful BIPV "glass" product is first introduced in practical projects
Applied in the project, with a total area of approximately 1400 square meters. Nearly 100 meters
Installation of photovoltaic curtain walls on the exterior facade of tall buildings, design and construction
The difficulty is very high, and the product has the most basic features
In addition to electrical functions, it also meets the requirements of building air tightness, water tightness
Requirements for building four property testing of in-plane deformation and wind resistance,
Simultaneously perfectly integrated with traditional curtain walls.

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