The safety adopts vertical blades, with the main stress point concentrated on the wheel hub, which effectively solves the problems of blade detachment, fracture, and flying out.
Adopting horizontal plane rotation and blade design based on wing principles to reduce noise to levels that cannot be measured in the natural environment
The principle of horizontal rotation and vertical flat blade makes it not affected by wind pressure and can resist super typhoon. Due to its different design structures and working principles, Turing radius has a smaller turning radius compared to other forms of wind power generation, saving space and improving efficiency. Power generation curve characteristics
The starting wind speed is lower than other types of wind turbines, and the increase in power generation is relatively gentle. Therefore, within the wind speed range of 5-8 meters, its power generation is 10% -30% higher than other types of wind turbines.
Utilize wind speed range
Adopting special control principles, the suitable operating wind speed range is expanded to 2.5-25m/s, maximizing the utilization of wind resources, obtaining larger total power generation, and improving the economic efficiency of wind power equipment.
The O brake device blades themselves have speed protection and are also equipped with electromagnetic brakes.
Technical Parameter
* Some parts fields adopt a multi supplier strategy, and there may be a deviation of around ± 8% in actual weight. Please refer to the actual delivered products.
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