Max. PV Input Power  11000W
Rated AC output power  6000W
Nominal DC Voltage/ Voc  360Vdc/ 600Voc
Start-up/ Min.operating Voltage  50Vdc/ 40Vdc
No.ofMPPTs  2
Rate voltage(Vdc]  51.2
Energy storcige(KWH)  10.24 15.36
Cycle life 6000 cycles @80% DOD, 0.5C
Monthly self discharge less than  2%
Charge Voltage 57.6V
Max. Charge current(A}  100
Max. Discharge current(A)  120
Discharge cut-off voltageCVDCD  43.2
Charge cut-off voltage(VDC)  58.4
Charge temperature 0°C to 55°C@60±25% Relative Humidity
Discharge temperature -25°C to 55°C@60±25% Relative Humidity
Storage temperature -20°C to 55°C@60±25% Relative Humidity
IP class IP65
Case Type All in One Stack
System Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 692*210*1440 692*210*1790
ProtocolCOptionaQ RS485/RS232, WLAN Optional
System UN38.3,MSDS,EN,IEC,NRS, G99
Cell UN38.3, MSDS, IEC62619, CE, UL1973, UL2054
USD 2060
Technical Parameter
* Some parts fields adopt a multi supplier strategy, and there may be a deviation of around ± 8% in actual weight. Please refer to the actual delivered products.
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