Q: What type of battery does the product use?
A: This product uses high quality lithium ion battery. Q: What equipment can product ac export take?
A: The rated power of the ac output of this product is
800W, and the peak power is 1600W, which can supply
power to most household appliances. However, it is
recommended that you confirm the power size of the
appliances before making use of this product, and
ensure that the sum of the power of all load devices is
less than the rated power. Q: How do I know how long the product can be supplied?
A: The LCD screen of this product will show the battery
life, which can be estimated according to the time for the
equipment with stable electricity consumption.
Q: How to judge if the product is charging?
A: When charging, the LCD screen will show the
remaining charging time, show that the charger has
been connected, and show the input power. Q: How to clean this product?
A: Please use a dry, soft and clean cloth or paper towel
to wipe the product.
Technical Parameter
* Some parts fields adopt a multi supplier strategy, and there may be a deviation of around ± 8% in actual weight. Please refer to the actual delivered products.
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