Thank you for purchasing this 600W portable power station.
This portable power station has a powerful battery capacity of 512Wh, 
supporting AC wall outlets, solar panels and vehicle charging ways, and is 
designed to keep your electronic devices powered while on the go.
It comes with AC outlets, 12V DC output ports, 12V car port, Type-C port and 
fast charging USB ports 3.0 for your convenience. Perfectly for outdoor travel, 
it is compatible with most electronic devices such as drones, laptops, lights, 
smart phones, tablets and cameras.
You can charge your electrical or digital devices with this unit in case of a 
power failure or when you are out or on a road trip.
It also works as an emergency power kit. Especially, it’s suitable for locations 
that are prone to severe weather patterns and natural disaster related power 
failures including typhoons, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, 
snowstorms and low-temperature disaster-prone areas.
The power station is also suitable for camping and works well in keeping 
outdoor electrical appliances charged for uses such as night time power 
supply, medical power supply and general household electricity storage.
Technical Parameter
* Some parts fields adopt a multi supplier strategy, and there may be a deviation of around ± 8% in actual weight. Please refer to the actual delivered products.
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